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Funny sms

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The LAW says -
'If u can't convince someone, Confuse him!'
All students can apply this law in exams and expect good results!!Quote Unquote:
We spend r days waiting 4 d
ideal path to appear in front of us
but we forget tat paths r made by
walking, not by waiting...!!

Girlfrnd: And ru sure
u luv me n no1 else?
Boyfrnd: Dead Sure! I checked d
whole list again yesterday..!

Smile is a cooling system of hrt
Sparklin system of eyes
lightening system of face
relaxin system of mind.
So activate al ur systems
n keep Smiling!

Q: What is height of Suicide?
A. A dwarf jumping from the footpath
on the road.

Q. What happens when the earth
rotates 30 times faster?
A. You get your salary every day!!

Teacher: Why is honesty the best policy?
Student: Because there is hardly any competition!!

Nevr get tired of doin lil
thngs 2 othrs,coz sumtimes those
lil thngs may mean so much 2 dem.
Tats y I wont get tired of sending
my lil Hi 2U..!!

Trusting God wont make d mountain
smaller bt it wil make d climb easier.
Hope u'll b able 2 climb al ur mountains
2day & everyday..!!Memories play a confusing role.
Dey make u laugh wen u remember d time
u cried 2gethr!
But make u cry wen u remember d time
u laughed 2gether...!!

Q: Why do cows have Bells???
A: Coz their Horns do not work!

To be a 'Good professional', alwys start studyin @ d 11th hour
4 'Exams'.Tat way it wud teach u
manage 'Time' and tackle

Teachr:Correct d sentence, 'A bull n a cow is grazing in d fld'
Student:A cow n a bull is grazing in d fld.
Student:Ladies 1st.

Thought of the day:
'If u help a gal wen she is in problem, she vil alwys remember u only wen she
is in problem again..!!'

Wen i pray i dint c God
but i knw he listens, Wen i msg i dint cu
but i knw ur thinkin of me
wid a smile.. Good Day!

Q:Wat is d height of HOPE?
A:Holding d question paper in
hand n tellin 'dude,dont worry.
Exams wil get postponed'

I cant hide dis frm u nymre.
I dont want 2 hurt u n
I feel its best if I tell u, be4 u hear it frm some1 else..
Potato Prices Have Gone Up!5 yrs, 20 subjects, 200 practicals, 2000 lectures, 20000 submissions.
A normal human being cant do
it. Da remaining abnormals
r called DOCTORS..!

World's shortest horror story by
Martin Garner contains only d
following lines: 'Wen d world's
last man was alone in his room, da door was knocked.'

Thought of the day:
Dont let someone become a priority in ur
life wen u r just an option in their's..!

Wat did d gangster's son tel his
dad wen he failed his Examination?
Dad dey questiond me for 3 hrs
but I neva told 'em anythng..!

Employer:How did u puncture d car tyre?
Driver:Ran ovr a rum bottle.
Employer:Dint u c it?
Driver:No,d man i ran over had
it under his coat..!

Live wid no excuses
n love wid no regrets
Wen life gives u a
100 reasons 2 cry, show life tat u have a
thousand reasons 2 SMILE!!

Life is a rope tat swings
us thro hope. Always believe
2day is better than yday n 2mrow
wil be much better than 2day.Gud Day!

Always hav d determination of a Mirror, whch nevr loses its ability to reflect
inspite of it being broken into pieces!
Keep shining..!Q. If Mr. and Mrs. Bigger had a baby, who wud be d biggest of da three?
A. The baby, coz he's a little Bigger!

Da greatest gift u can give 2 sum1
is ur time coz wen u give sum1 ur time, u hav given em a portion of ur life
tat u'll nevr get back..!

A cricketer's philosophy:
Wickets are like wives..
you never know which way
they will turn!!

D biggest Enemy of Success
So wen FEAR knocks, send FAITH to open d door!
Let d Success be yours!

Teacher: Johny, name one important
thing we have today that we dint
have ten years ago.
Johny: Me!!

Quote Unquote with
Navjyot Singh Siddhu:
'Tat ball went so high, it could hav got an air
hostess down with it..!'

I pray FOR YOU
a life that U truly deserve, a life as good as UR heart, a life as bright as UR smile, & a life as wonderful as U!

D biggest Enemy of Success
So wen FEAR knocks, send FAITH to open d door!
Let d Success be yours!Never expect thngs 2 happen
struggle n make 'em happen
Nevr expect urself 2 b given
a good value
Create a value of ur own!

Kick off ur shoes
take a break
Crank d tunes
Dance & Shake
light d candles
cut d cake
Make it a day, tats simply Great!
Happy BDay..!

Effort is important, but knowing where to make
an effort in your life makes
all the difference..!

Tips 2 reduce consumption of alcohol:
B4 marriage drink only on d days
wen ur sad n aftr marriage drink
only on d days wen ur HAPPY..!!

Dad:2 thngs in life r impt - Honesty n Wisdom!
Son:Wats Honesty?
Dad:Keep ur word if u've given it.
Son:Wats Wisdom?
Dad:Dont give it.

Girlfrnd: And ru sure
u luv me n no1 else?
Boyfrnd: Dead Sure! I checked d
whole list again yesterday..!

Never expect thngs 2 happen
struggle n make 'em happen
Nevr expect urself 2 b given
a good value
Create a value of ur own!

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